Current teaching

I will be teaching Applied Multivariate Statistics in the spring of 2024. The lecture notes are available here.

Previous years

Teaching at the University of Sheffield (2015-2020)

Extended linear models (MAS6003/MAS473)

This is a level 4/Masters module in which we consider mixed effects models and methods for dealing with missing data (multiple imputation, EM algorithm etc).

Topics in Bioengineering: An introduction to statistics (BIE201)

This is a level 2 Engineering module. Half of the module is on introductory statistics, which we teach via flipped learning. The videos we created are linked to below:

Previously, I taught Computational inference (MAS6004/MAS472), a a level 4/Masters module looking at simulation approaches for frequentist and likelihood-based inference.

Teaching at the University of Nottingham (2009-2015)

I taught three different modules:

Research tutorial talks

I’ve given a number of research talks that aim to be tutorials.