Statistical inference for computer experiments

My main research interests lie in the field of Bayesian statistics and its application. In particular, I am interested in the statistical challenges posed by computer models.

David Cox said in an interview that the 'challenge [...] for an academic statistician, is to be involved in several fields of application in a non-trivial sense and combine the stimulus and the contribution you can make that way with theoretical contributions that those contacts will suggest' and this captures perfectly my research strategy: to be involved in several application areas and work on interesting methodology as it arises.

I currently have funding to work on the following research projects:

Previous funded projects include:

Academic service: I am currently an associate editor of the SIAM Journal of Uncertainty Quantification, have been an area chair for NeurIPS every other year since 2014, and have co-organised the Gaussian Process Summer School since 2015. I was previously the external examiner for the MSc in Statistical Science at the University of Oxford, and Chair of the Environmental Statistics section of the Royal Statistical Society.